Managing Employee Integrity In The Workplace

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Integrity In The Workplace
The scourge of corruption, with its bedfellow's theft and fraud, is found everywhere. It renders good governance, in whatever sphere of endeavour, for all practical purposes impossible. It has negative effects on economies, on growth, ultimately on prosperity.




Conventional approaches to the problem usually center on the identification and prosecution of perpetrators, usually with little success. Forensic investigations are extremely expensive and often difficult to conduct.

W5H-Global has developed a unique but highly practical methodology to discourage corruption, theft, and fraud in its widest sense, and to install honesty in the workplace.

    Our point of departure is prevention, rather than cure.
    Our focus is on the individual, as an integral part of the total system.
    Our aim is to encourage acceptable behaviour, and to discourage deviant behaviour.
    Our legacy is SOUND GOVERNANCE.


The Program




Client Specific Design
  Specific needs and conditions are taken into account when designing a program. All the critical elements are incorporated but adapted to suit the situation.
‘Clean slate’ Approach
  Abstinence from unacceptable behaviour as from a specific date is mandatory. It does not aim to identify past transgressions, as it will immediately sabotage the program. Staff members (new and existing) are required to sign an ethical contract.
Psychometric Integrity Profiling
  All existing staff members, as well as all new appointees, will be subjected to a psychometric integrity assessment. Leading experts in the field of Psychometric Integrity Assessment developed the psychometric tests used by W5H-Global.
Ethical Practice Regime
  Sound standard operating procedures (SOP’s) will be developed and implemented. Transparency and accountability measures are developed and installed. A definite skills transfer to existing staff will take place through training programs and seminars. Managers at all levels are equipped to be able to deal effectively with unacceptable behaviour.
Continuous Behaviour Assessment
  Staff members are invited and encouraged to participate in continuous assessment programs. Individuals who comply receives specific recognition. Various assessment tools are available.
Effective Communication Program
  A well designed and continuous internal and external communication program is implemented. Its aim will be to inform internally about acceptable performance, but will also inform about the prevalence of unacceptable behaviour. Externally it will inform the community/society at large about the anti-corruption program within the organisation.
Integrity Audits & Certificate of Compliance
  Periodic integrity Audits are executed. A Certificate of Compliance will be issued to indicate that the organisation adheres to sound Integrity Practice.




The Process




  The process starts with an assessment of the prevailing situation in an organisation. The desired outcomes inform the design of the Integrity Management program. The implementation of the program follows final approval by the client.
  Once implemented, employee behaviour is effectively managed, taking a zero tolerance approach to dishonesty. Employees are encouraged to confirm their honesty and receive due recognition for continuous virtuous behavior.
  The organisation is periodically assessed to confirm that integrity levels remain acceptable.