Truth Or Lies, W5H Can Help

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Through the ages, knowing what is true or false, has been a daily quest for all – from CEOs to spouses.

Knowing the difference between the truth and a lie – and getting it right - has never been easy.

W5H Global has the means and expertise to assist you to uncover the truth.

According to Apex Insurance, it is estimated that New Zealand Companies: “…loose up to NZ $1 billion per year due to employee dishonesty, often perpetrated by those in highly trusted positions and many of those convicted have been with a company for quite a period of time...”

W5H Global Inc. is an internationally trained and affiliated Integrity Assessment Service Provider with more than 30 years experience. We have recently started operating in Wellington, but available country wide. It is our business to assist companies, organisations and individuals to establish the truth. We utilise the polygraph and a selection of Integ© psychometric instruments in this regard.

With the assessment instruments at our disposal, as well as tried and tested international operational experience, W5H Global is able to assist with criminal, commercial and disciplinary investigations.

We will save you time and money.

We are independent and unbiased, which certainly adds to the credibility of the investigation we are assisting with. 

Polygraph assessments, as one of type of service that we render, can assist with pre-employment screening or vetting, routine screening and specific investigations. It is a useful tool in fidelity cases to confirm the fidelity of a partner.

Psychometric assessments, as another type of service that we render, are used for screening and selection purposes, often in combination with a polygraph assessment. It provides a full profile assessment of a candidate for employment. Post-employment surveys to assess corporate citizenship and counterproductive workplace behavior are valuable to judge the prevailing integrity profile in any work environment.

The recent concerns expressed by a community regarding the placement of a convicted sexual offender can be appeased to some extent with a post-release behaviour management program. The same could be provided for any other offender released on parole to address the problem of recidivism. These behaviour management programs are very effective monitoring tools, whilst its confidential nature does not unnecessary impede on the human dignity of the person released on parole. Either way, it can provide some peace of mind for the community affected!

For more information feel free to visit the W5H Global website at or contact out New Zealand director at +64 2358 5317