Clinical polygraph assessment of offenders about to be released on parole – or who are currently on parole, has proven to be a valuable monitoring tool for any country’s criminal justice system.

W5H Global Inc assists monitoring and compliance authorities by assuring that parolees are being truthful regarding adhering to their stipulated conditions of parole. Polygraph examinations also help maintain community safety by identifying re-offense activities, pre-offense behaviors and compliance with treatment and supervision rules.

A regular program of polygraph examinations to establish truthfulness and monitor behavior while in treatment (as in the case of sex offenders) or on parole and under supervision, increases the probability of successful monitoring with the aim of re-integration into society.

Parolee examination entails verification that the subject has not reoffended whilst in treatment or on parole, as well as the determination of any issues relating to parole, probation, or treatment to ascertain whether any violations of any terms and conditions have occurred.