Insurance Claim Dispute Examinations

W5H Global Inc assist both insurance companies - and - insurants to verify the validity of insurance claims.

Whilst an insurance company may propose that an insurant undergo a polygraph examination when the credibility of his version is questionable, an insurant may then also request a polygraph examination to substantiate the credibility of his/her claim. Iin most cases a polygraph examination would be the best solution to these types of disputes between parties.

The initial course of action after a claim is lodged, is for the insurance company to minimise payment risk for the company. Thus said, a percentage of claimants will also attempt to inflate their claim to include factors not relevant to the claim.

The common interest for both parties is to solve the dispute in a rapid, cost-effective, credible and unambiguous manner - thus saving a proceeding that may be long, expensive and exhausting.

Insurance Dispute Examination