Integrity Management Programs

Corruption, graft and related criminal malpractices unfortunately is like a cancer that once it has gone untreated, it has the potential to spread quickly and mercilessly, eventually causing a slow and painful death to any company/organisation and country.

The reality is that at present, corruption in worldwide has become an accepted norm of everyday life for all and without intervention, it will not be long before corruption in some countries will be on the same level as Nigeria.

Research was carried out to come up with suitable models, specifically designed for multi-cultural contexts, to effectively and efficiently reduce and positively manage corruption and related criminal malpractices, and to increase service delivery for all affected.

Suitable and successful models as used by other countries in the public sector, as well as private sector were used to formulate a model to counter corruption and related criminal malpractices and to improve service delivery.

W5H Global Inc Integrity Management Programs are specifically designed to be non-invasive, and preventative – and to rather retain and reform Human Resources than to terminate their services.

It creates a win-win situation between Management and Staff – and will draw an enormous amount of good publicity for the company or organisation that is serviced with this program.

Our programs are not political --OR-- legal witch hunts and is purely designed to (1) assess integrity, (2) manage integrity and (3) set integrity standards for a company or organisation – and obviously the individuals in the company/organisation.

It does not and cannot test political affiliations or actions.

It is purely designed to test Integrity.

The individual assessment data obtained is designed to manage the integrity of the individual within the company/organisation that is assessed and forms part of the total Company/Organisational Integrity Management Program.

It is strictly confidential and no outside party or individual has access to this information.

Reporting is thus done directly and only to the appointed decision maker within company/organisation.


  1. Establishing and maintaining measurable, manageable and mentor-able internationally accepted levels of integrity at the company/organisation.
  2. Ensuring and proving to all stakeholders and clients – that positive and far reaching steps are being taken to stamp out corruption/criminal malpractices in the company/organisation.
  3. Ultimately proving to all key role players that the company/organisation is free of corruption, with a proven and measuredlevel of integrity.
  4. Facilitate increase in critical service delivery.
Integrity Management Programs