Employment and Applicant Screening

Employment Applicant Screening

W5H Global Inc assists companies, government departments as well as non-government entities to pre-screen future employees as well as to periodically screen existing employees.

Companies, government departments as well as non-government entities alike are harmed and placed under financial risk when their employees commit theft, bribery, or other criminal activities.

Corporate corruption, criminal activities and related malpractices by employees is a multi-billion dollar problem word-wide. It is perhaps one of the single greatest obstacles to economic and social development. It disrupts markets, cripples economic growth, reduces local consumer- as well as international investor confidence and undermines the rule of law.

The problem of unethical employee behaviour becomes greatly magnified during challenging economic times as presently being experienced world-wide.

Employment screening conducted by W5H Global Inc during the whole Human Resources Life-cycle sends out a clear message to consumers and clients - as well as to existing and future employees that: Your company, department, agency etc, is based on a culture of honesty, trust and integrity. Furthermore, it enforces a situation where employees govern themselves according to integrity principles.

W5H Global Inc can assist your company, government depart - and even your household by conducting employment screening by means of polygraphy and/or psychometric testing.

It should be noted that all polygraphy tests are transparently done according to and governed by international standards and by internationally (USA) trained and accredited personnel. Furthermore, the psychometric assessments are culturally sensitive and specifically developed for application in developing countries - and - endorsed by the World Bank.

• Hire The Right Person • Reduce Employee Turn-over • Save Time and Money