W5H Global Inc assists various substance addiction- and abuse rehabilitation programs.

Methods of substance addiction- and abuse treatment programs continue to improve and patients often successfully re-integrate into society. Families and persons close to the individual can however attest to the high rate of relapse – especially just before, and straight after completing a rehabilitation program. It is therefore critical that an individual is who is undergoing treatment/counseling – or who has undergone treatment/counseling, is carefully and scientifically monitored in order to increase the chances of successful recovery and re-integration into society.

A polygraph maintenance program for individuals with substance addiction- and abuse problems is an extremely effective means of monitoring the individual’s addiction and/or abuse behavior and is highly successful in countering temptation for relapse.

W5H Global Inc aims to assist individuals with substance addition- and abuse problems to not only successfully re-intergate into society, but to reintegrate into viable employment. The fact is – very few employers will willingly employ a person with a drug and or alcohol abuse history. By completing a voluntary polygraph maintenance program over a set period of time, an individual can effectively demonstrate his/her willingness to rehabilitate, and, provide assurance to an employer that unwanted behavior is under control.